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The Mountain Villa Assisted Living Community at Kerrville opened its doors in the spring of 2006. From the beginning, this facility has been committed to providing needed services to the growing population of individuals that are choosing to live their lives as independently as possible.

We seek to fill a niche that often isn't being served, by providing more affordable choices in the elderly lifestyle. We strive to make safer living arrangements possible for the increasing number of persons who seek some level of assistance so that they can live in safety, rather than living alone.

The Mountain Villa ALC management team offers a refreshing change in perspective from traditional elderly care facilities. That difference is reflected in our Sweet PIESprogram, (described on our Services page), which demonstrates an innate respect for the dignity and welfare of our residents.

Because of technological advances and increased health awareness, more people can expect to live longer past age 65. However, while many are enjoying increased life spans, a growing number are finding that they may need some assistance with the Activities of Daily Living, (ADLs), in order to enjoy that longer life.

License # 102640

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